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Hippy Mob is a high end street wear clothing line, and entertainment collective. Our Motto BE BALANCE  represents the “hippy” (art, entertainment, passionate) side of us and being able to turn it into an organized living, “mob” side. not only is Hippy Mob a business, it is a movement towards Unity through Balance. We see Balance can be achieved by breaking it down with peace, positivity, Prosperity.

  • Peace: Tranquility, Being at ease, having satisfaction, being comfortable. Relaxation. all these things come along with being at peace and having peace of mind. This allows us to be in a position to help others and to give. they say charity starts at home. we cannot help others if we cannot help ourselves. Being at peace gives us the upper edge to be Positive.

  • Positivity: good vibes, compassion, giving, selflessness, optimistic, Confident, outgoing, curious, being open minded, the willingness to understand others. these all tie into positivity. this in turn will allow us to be in a position to be prosperous.

  • Prosperous: having peace of mind and tranquility, along with positivity and the want to give allows us to be prosperous. Being prosperous is not only having health and wealth, but in a position to share that healthy and wealth.

    By having having balance: (peace, positivity, and prosperity). we are able to position ourselves to befriend and understand one another, leading us to unity in this circe of life.


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